elevatr is a full service online marketing company.

Brand consolidations can be messy things.  Tricky.  Confusing.  Costly.  Not the kind of things you wake up in the middle of the night and just decide to do on a whim.  On the other hand, if they make strategic sense and they can be managed to a degree, to communicate what’s really happening – and why, effectively, brand consolidations can be wonderful things – springboards into arenas where you wouldn’t otherwise have had access.  That’s the hope anyway.

If you have known us up to this point by one of our other brand monikers, MKTSHR or WebFactory, you’ll know that our core competencies within both brands had a lot of crossover.  Whereas MKTSHR has been dedicated to higher-level, data-driven marketing challenges, and WebFactory operated on a more “street-level” basis serving small, local businesses with website design and marketing, elevatr covers all of those disciplines within one neat little (but growing) package.  It also allows us to present one brand image and message to our market – and that’s music to a marketer’s ears.

But elevatr is more than just a reconstitution of existing services.  The times, as they say, are-a-changing and therefore so are we.  For one, we’re offering broader and deeper SEO and PPC services.  Remarketing, if you’re not familiar with it, has become one of the most cost-effective ways to create conversions in the online world.  It has also, not surprisingly, become one of the most popular.  So we’ve added that as new area of focus.

We’ve doubled down on our local SEO services as well.  We’re proud to say that most of our customers are small, local businesses that require a significantly different suite of services than our enterprise clients.  Add to that, Google’s penchant for changing the rules of the game on a pretty much never-ending basis and you end up with a lot of small, local businesses that need someone to make sure they’re getting seen online.  That would be us.

And then there’s video marketing.  Danny Barrocas has been a part of this mix for a long time and, for most of that time was the lone voice in the wilderness crying out that video is where its at.  Cut to 2 years ago and Danny now looks like some sort of prophet to the rest of us.  Video for SEO has never been more powerful.  And, as we like to point out to our customers, if you’re looking for organic search engine rankings, there is literally no quicker or stronger way to get there than video.  So you’ll see and hear a lot from us on how we’re using video to leapfrog in the SERPs.

The other thing worth mentioning is that, in addition to consolidating our brands under one new name, we’ve also consolidated ourselves into one main location.  We’re now operating out primarily out of Florida.  If you’re one of our Virginia or other eastern seaboard customers, don’t worry – we’re still here and excited to serve you.  But whereas our presence with you will be virtual, our results remain very, very real.

Questions about us?  About you?  Your business and how we can help?  I’d love to hear from you.

Mike Giambattista
President, Managing Director, elevatr